1 Month is 2 Shorts

I couldn’t think of a lamer title to capture my new commitment to write two short stories in every month.

But there it is. I keep looking at it, hoping it’ll be better, that some little fairy will come along and poof it shiny and awesome. That’s typically how I refer to my future-self editor anyway.
In order to keep things lively, I’ll try my hand at different genres. I know it’ll come out gross, but I’m hoping that forcing myself into these scenarios will forge greater connections with my beloved genres. And, just maybe, I’ll find something I want to explore, but that’s.. like.. the worst case scenario. 
I’ve got a new manuscript idea in the works, but only the outline, not any solid text. I think I might just try and whack at it in NaNoWriMo. 
And finally, I may just start working on my old manuscript from NaNo 2013. It so happens that I don’t want to leave 60k+ of sweatbloodtears words by the wayside. I got some great advice from my trusted circle of readers and want to validate their trust in my shifty work ethic. 
Welcome to this new era of me writing as much as I say I might do!

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