A Jeremy Grows in Brooklyn

Can we take a moment to mourn that great pun?

Onward. It’s officially a month I’ve been in Brooklyn. In case you were wondering what it’s like to live in New York City in the borough of Brooklyn as an average American (though some would say Asian American), I can give you some insight into what life is like for a starry-eyed kid from San Francisco urban sprawl.

  1. There are never stars and there never will be stars. Get over this fact immediately. If you want stars, Google the Hubble or watch a movie. Besides, you should be watching where you’re going or a huge rat (seriously—as big as both your fists) will mug you for all your shit.

2. The drought did not follow you from California. So stop looking at all the fire hydrants spewing precious water everywhere or those weird random holes in the ground that geyser six inches of water for… anyone. No one cares but you.

3. No one likes bicyclists. Even other bicyclists. They will run you over because momentum bro. If you plan on crossing any street, check your f******g corners. Most people take the subway because it’s always rolling and awesome.

4. Groceries aren’t as expensive as you think, and eating out isn’t that bad either, but right after the really cheap stuff there’s a bit of a spike. Then another spike. And then you’re wondering where your money went. BUT THE FOOD IS SO GOOD.

5. There’s a lot of trash everywhere. I seen a piece of trash (sometimes more) fly out a car window every day. Everyone’s just meh, boop. Not a second thought lingers. There aren’t many recycling bins around town either so you end up with piles of bottles and cardboard in the trash heap.

6. It’s summer. WTF IS THIS RAIN. Yesterday, the forecast said 20% chance of thunderstorm. I said Yeah right. Turns out when the 20% comes up 100% you’re basically the saddest and wettest person ever.

7. The city is diverse and intensely funny if you take the time to look at it. People from every walk of life crowd these streets. I honestly can’t get enough of the architecture, the accents I hear, the way people help each other.

There are plenty more things but I don’t feel like it.



P.S. the second chapter of my manuscript is along nicely and might be set here in a week or so. Stay tuned by following my FB page (the newsletter is solely for when I finally publish this sucker).

Yay, and so we begin

This is where I shall blarg about the things I think too hard about and also the travails of my writing… career. Maybe. I dislike that word because I only really write since I enjoy it. I’ve always thought, “Hey, that’d be nice to have as a career, y’know, a writer. Someone who wears their chair thin from typing all day, drinks lots of cafe-type stuff in cafe-type places.”

So when I finished college and began a career not wholly defined as the above, I discovered that maybe career is a bad word for it. I think it’ll be more like a journey. When I think about careers, I think about money. And yuck. Money, and in my case, the lack thereof, but wherefore meow meow and on and on. So no, not career.
I don’t want to think of my writing as a monetary investment, as the time that I’ve spent writing being essential to expediting my financial success and pathways to a jacuzzi in a limo parked in my driveway. While that would be sick wicked awesome, that’s not what I want out of my writing. And I think it’s important to make that distinction. I’ll probably never be a professional writer with that mindset, but hey, it won’t bug me.
I like writing. Hopefully it’s something that other people enjoy reading, too. That’s my main goal here. Provide a bit of an outlet for you (and other people dropping by) to read my stuff. If you like it, awesome! I’d love to hear from you. If you don’t like it, if in fact, you totally hate it, and it made you squirm in your seat, I would totally love to hear that too.
And this blog will cover other stuff too. It’s just that most of the time I’m thinking about writing.