December Doldrums

Not really doldrums though. I just like that word.

Here’s the update:

I’ve got an oft-revised draft of a novelette (15k words) prepped for eyes other than my own. I want to get this self-pubbed soon, just to get it out there. It’s something I’m finally comfortable with, and now I just need to know if readers like it too. Otherwise, I’ll write the rest and keep it to myself 🙂

The blurb: Kai is a police officer native to Caraq, but he’s working for the Strahanis who occupied and absorbed his nation into their own. When he has to confront a Caraqtha criminal, he has to decide which side he’s really fighting to save.

Does this blurb suck? I need advice on it!

Anyway, I’m moving on to other storylines related to this Caraqtha/Strahani struggle. Super excited to get this on the roll.

I spent November on NaNoWriMo and wrote a huge backstory novel for one of the minor characters in the aforementioned struggle. I knew the draft would be super suck, so it was a nice exercise in simply learning more about the character and her struggles. It helps inform much of my current work. And writing 1700 words every day also has me primed to continue that trend into December.

Y’know, that month of the doldrums.

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