great ideas upcoming—wait I lost it…

How many ideas do you have in a day? If your heart is pumping, I’m betting on hundreds. If you’ve had a decent breakfast, maybe even thousands.

How many of those ideas are any good? Well… probably one or two. For a day, try to classify every idea you have. Is this a good idea?

Should I cross the street when a car is about to hit me? BAD

Does this yellow shirt look good with my saffron blazer? DON’T ANSWER THAT

Should I eat a burrito for lunch? GOOD

But what of the serious stuff, the kind that merits a call to someone:
“You will not believe the wonderful fart my brain just had and there will not be one dry eye at the end of this Wonka ride.”

That’s right, folks. Every once in a while, you have a great freaking idea.

And, where, pray tell, does that great freaking idea go? Probably down the great freaking idea gutter, which, unsurprisingly, is the same gutter used for shitty ideas.

Save your great freaking ideas. Buy them a nice home somewhere on a slip of paper, better a journal, even better ten journals, and crazier (Memento-style) yet, a tattoo. But get it down. Make some other piece of universe remember for you, so when you have the time, you can make it a real freaking great thing.

That’s all folks. Now, excuse me while I bash my head trying to remember that great freaking short story idea I had earlier today.

—–the end—–

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