Cohesive Abrasions Pt I – USA

In these essays, I’ll document my thoughts on current affairs, the Human Condition, and a unified world.

On the United States of America

The United States of America and its multiethnic experiment are at a Turning Point.

Those of us in the minority have seen this coming, whether we acknowledge it or not. We’ve been dishonest with ourselves, believing that the slow march of lots of sex time would mathematically create a fundamentally diverse nation. The realization that we need to move this equality train along before it derails and explodes is frightening. We ran above a cesspool of instability, uncertainty, and chaos. And now we’re plunging headlong into it.

At its core, a step away from a multiethnic society is a step away from a unified world. For sure, there are other problems that prevent such a world, but if we can’t empathize with and accept the plights of others because of their religion, ways to get freaky, and mole-to-freckle ratio, then we’re probably not ready for the headier barriers (like restructuring economies, but later, later).

Our extreme fear is the damnation of legalized ethnic differentiation, the actions governments take to establish a lower caste: slavery, ethnic bans, and geography lessons. So here we stand in the USA, staring down a barrel that could delay the affable march of tons of banging minority majority (read: actual multiethnicity) a little longer.

Turning Points carry the sense of much loss. They say, “You got this far, and now you’re flipping a u-turn, and all the time you’ve spent is for naught.” (Turning Points also have weird speech patterns and inflections. Probably from too much Kool-aid.)

Does this Turning Point in American society feel different than others? I would say yes. This carries with it the weight of decades of change. We claim that the fabric of our country is built on equality and freedom. We represent the mathematical finality of the world’s society (though perhaps not in the best governmental form). And yet, if our country declines this composition, decides that exclusivity is the path best taken, then we will force ourselves to reconstruct the veil which we have pulled over our eyes.

But I believe we will true ourselves. We will understand that our diversity is our strength. We will do the little things required of individuals (voting, petitioning, protesting, and defending all our vulnerable) to unify the United States of America.

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